Kanta Counselling Kanta Patel FdA MBACP (Accredited)
Counsellor for Kenton, Harrow, Stanmore, Kingsbury, Wembley

"Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. Steve Jobs"

What is counselling?

The British Assosciation for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) defines counselling as a process or journey, beginning with a private and confidential exploration of any difficulty or distress a client may be enduring, finally resulting in the client understanding the root cause(s) of any problems, and ultimately moving on.

I am able to offer Asian counselling/therapy and am also a Gujarati counsellor.

I offer counselling/therapy sessions in English and Gujarati.

Understanding our needs and struggles

Sometimes we can't understand why we feel the way we do and keep questioning ourselves to find answers. Other times we know why we feel this way but are unable to move forward and find the source of our problems on our own. We may feel anxious about asking for help and taking that first step towards making that all important call. We want to feel better about understanding our confusion, depression and anger. We also wonder why we are unable to cope with our emotions.

Are you asking all the above questions? If the answer is yes, then you may benefit from talking to a counsellor/therapist.

Some of the clients that I have worked with in the past shared that, they had similar feelings, they wished they sought help a long time ago. Once they made that call, it was the best thing that they had ever done.

Once they started to have counselling sessions with me, they started to see improvements and they:

  • felt better within themselves
  • began to make changes in their lives which made a positive impact on their self esteem
  • felt more confident
  • noticed that their relationship with their partners, parents and children improved
  • started to believe in themselves
  • started to work on their thought process
  • began learning to love themselves and appreciate what they had achieved. They no longer needed approval from other people
  • they learned to accept that they don't need to be perfect all the time
  • they could find the source of their anxiety, panic attacks and depression, and were comfortable in exploring their difficulties with their therapist
  • learnt to make positive changes so they could begin to enjoy the life they were entitled to and more....

    How counselling/therapy can help

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    We tend to feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss these issues with others and we may end up suffering even more because of it. These issues can be very sensitive, difficult and stressful and can also leave us feeling as though we are not worthy and that we are all alone. This can subsequently lead to depression, relationship difficulties, low self esteem, mental instability and the inability to enjoy our lives

    The struggles we face vary from time to time and from person to person. To one, a specific problem can seem very small, however to another the same problem may seem impossible to cope with. Seeking help can often seem daunting, especially when considering pride and being seen by family or friends. Sometimes it can seem easier to simply close our eyes and pretend everything is fine.

    The problems we face may seem immense and impossible to overcome. This does not have to be the case however, as there are many ways which can help ease some difficulties and take away some of the pressures, stress and anxiety. One well known method is called counselling.

    Counselling is a form of psychological therapy, often known as ‘talking therapy’. It is a method involving expressing and exploring feelings and coming to terms with the problems and then finding better ways of coping.

    There are many benefits of speaking to a Counsellor. First of all, they are not anyone that you know, therefore there are no restrictions on what you wish to say or how you wish to say it. Everything discussed together will remain private and confidential. It will take place in a safe and friendly environmental without any need to judge.

    You will have the chance to express everything honestly and openly, as much or as little as you wish. They will take the time to listen and learn about the difficulties faced and assist you in finding ways to keep yourself feeling positive and relieved. There is nobody telling you what to do or how to do it, it is simply two people talking and understanding issues. Over time this eventually leads to a happier, more worry free, healthier lifestyle that you are all entitled to.

    Links to useful websites:

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